Hytera MD788G

Hytera MD788G

Commercial mobile DMR radio

The HYTERA MD788G is a digital mobile radio designed for reliable and secure communication in challenging environments. With higher spectrum efficiency and channel capacity, this radio is ideal for businesses and enterprises with smaller teams. The HP5 series of the new generation H-Series DMR two-way radio is designed to balance functionalities, usability, and price point.

The HYTERA MD788G features a user-friendly, rugged, and reliable design that can withstand harsh conditions. It has an ergonomic ID and friendly UI that makes it easy to use. The radio also has roaming capabilities that allow users to stay connected even when they move between different networks.

This digital mobile radio offers secure communications, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. It is equipped with encryption technology that prevents unauthorized access to conversations. The radio also has a higher spectrum efficiency, which means that it can transmit more data using less bandwidth. This feature is particularly useful in areas where bandwidth is limited.

The HYTERA MD788G has a higher channel capacity, which allows more users to communicate simultaneously. This feature is especially important for businesses and enterprises with larger teams. The radio also has versatile communication devices that enable seamless communications between users.

Programming the HYTERA MD788G is made easy with the Hytera Radio Programming Software. This software allows users to program their radios quickly and efficiently. The radio also comes with a programming cable that makes it easy to connect to a computer.

Here are 10 important specifications of the HYTERA MD782i digital mobile radio:

  • Higher spectrum efficiency
  • Higher channel capacity
  • TDMA technology that allows twice the channels based on the same spectrum resource
  • Versatile voice and data services
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Built-in 5W speaker for clear and crisp voice communication
  • Dual-mode feature (analog and digital)
  • Pseudo trunk function
  • One-touch call/text feature
  • Emergency function with the highest priority that operates even when the mobile radio is transmitting or receiving.

The HYTERA MD782i is designed with users and real-life challenges in mind, making it easy and comfortable to use. It offers loud and clear audio, rich data features, and remarkable portability and ruggedness for ease of use across industries. The radio also has roaming and scanning capability, and each channel on the mobile can be programmed as either an analog channel or a digital channel. Calls can be transmitted or received as private, group, or all calls, and text messages can contain up to 256 characters.

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